Side Event: Peace and SDGs in Northeast Asia: Tipping Point or Status Quo?

For the first time, the Coalition for Sustainable Development of Russia (CSDR) is co-organizing a side event at the 11th Asia-Pacific Forum for Sustainable Development (APFSD) from February 20-23, 2024 under the theme "Reinforcing the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and eradicating poverty in times of multiple crises: The effective delivery of sustainable, resilient and innovative solutions in Asia and the Pacific."

In alignment with the focus of the 2024 High-Level Political Forum (HLPF), the Forum will assess progress on Goal 16 (Peace, justice, and strong institutions). CSDR, in collaboration with Korean NGO PeaceMomo, will co-organize the side event: "Peace and SDGs in Northeast Asia: Tipping Point or Status Quo?"

The preamble of the 2030 Agenda emphasizes the interdependence of sustainable development and peace. Unfortunately, there is a growing militarization in North-east Asia, posing a threat to both SDGs and global peace. Acknowledging SDG16 as a crucial enabler and accelerator, it is vital to implement it with a human rights-based, gender-sensitive, and conflict-sensitive approach.

In this dedicated session, we aim to delve into avenues for enhancing the SDG16 peace element. We will particularly focus on prevention strategies, regional collaboration, early warning systems, efficient resource allocation, and measures to mitigate the impact of global or regional conflicts and increasing militarization, understanding the immediate and long-term effects on resources and policy commitments. Emphasizing the significance of comprehensive regional peacebuilding measures, we seek to provide a holistic exploration of how SDG16 can be strengthened across various dimensions.

Key Questions and Outcomes:

  1. Recent critical developments in militarization in the sub-region.
  2. Impact on SDG implementation in the sub-region and region.
  3. Conflict prevention and peacekeeping measures by different stakeholders, including civil society.

  • Francis Daehoon Lee, PEACEMOMO, Rep. of Korea.
  • Sayo Saruta, New Diplomacy Initiative, Japan.
  • Youngmi Cho, Korean Women’s Movement for Peace, Rep. of Korea.
  • Ekaterina Zibrova, Critical Diversity Studies researcher.

Commentary: Peter van Sluijs, Expert in Peacebuilding and Conflict Prevention at Cordaid.

Moderation: Dr. Nelya Rakhimova, Chair at Coalition for Sustainable Development of Russia.

📅 Date: February 21, 2024 | 10:30 CET

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Join us in this crucial session where we actively engage civil society and academia representatives to explore strategies for maintaining peace in the region and fostering a sustainable development trajectory. Your insights will contribute to a collaborative and inclusive approach to address the complex challenges related to peace in Northeast Asia.