Coalition for Sustainable Development of Russia Launch at Gaidar Forum 2020

On January 15-16, 2020, the Gaidar Forum will again be held at the Presidential Academy - one of the largest political and economic events in Russia, traditionally gathering leading Russian and foreign experts, politicians, entrepreneurs, political scientists, economists, and representatives of social and educational spheres. The annual Gaidar Forum will be the first major international forum to be held in Russia this year. Every year the forum touches on an ever-widening range of the most relevant topics. Experts from the Gaidar Forum from around the world will discuss the challenges of the coming decade, economic development, healthcare, digital initiatives in sports, modern government, Russian education and business schools, environmental policy and climate issues, the digital revolution and many other topics. 

In total, 85 discussion platforms will be organized - panel and expert discussions, open dialogs, presentations and meetings. Among the special events of the Gaidar Forum 2020 was the annual meeting of the Russian branch of organizations - members of SDSN "Prospects for the Development of SDSN in Russia", at which the launch of the Civil Society Coalition for the Sustainable Development of the country will be announced for the first time. Coalition Coordinator Nelya Rakhimova will tell the meeting participants about why it is being created and why it should be joined, as well as what the Coalition’s work will be focused on in the coming months and who and how can participate in it.