Coalition for Sustainable Development of Russia (CSDR) is a social movement of civil society working on the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals in Russia and abroad by 2030. The coalition includes experts and civic activists, whose expertise covers all areas of sustainable development.
CSDR's position on the situation in Ukraine
CSDR calls on Russian state representatives to follow the principles of the 2030 Agenda, be consistent in their statements and actions, and continue working together as soon as possible to achieve sustainable development in our country and in everywhere in the world.
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The civil society report has analyzed the implementation of the SDGs in Russia since February 2022.
This toolkit helps in understanding the main gaps in achieving SDG 16 and seeing what demands should be put forward to the state in order to progress on SDG 16 reached by the end of 2030.

The authors of the review analyzed the current situation in the field of each of the SDGs, prepared recommendations to the state and civil society on their achievement.
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