Toolkit "Qualitative Assessment of Progress on SDG 16"
In 2020, the Coalition for Sustainable Development of Russia (CSDR) released the first Civil Society Report on the implementation of the SDGs in Russia. The expert group that worked on the SDG 16 chapters ran into an ambiguous understanding of how to track progress on this SDG. That is why the members of the CSDR represented by the NGOs "Civil Watch" decided to issue a toolkit to track progress on qualitative data for SDG 16.
This toolkit should help the non-profit sector in understanding the main gaps in achieving SDG 16 in their countries, as well as determine what requirements should be put forward to the state in the first place in order to progress on SDG 16 reached by the end of 2030.
Human rights and partnerships to achieve the SDGs is a joint project of the "Citizens' Watch" and the Coalition for Sustainable development of Russia.

Human rights and partnerships to achieve the SDGs are part of the ┬źExpanding Cooperation with Civil Society in the Eastern Partnership Countries and Russia┬╗ of the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs.